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I’ve been listening to Get Back Yourself all day…For Rena who’s been upset lately!Cheer up, okay?

I’ve been listening to Get Back Yourself all day…
For Rena who’s been upset lately!
Cheer up, okay?

drawerelma said: *^* <3333 very colorful and pretty <3

Thank you!
Experimenting is fun!



I’ll be gone for the next 4 days so I will not be updating! Thank you for understanding! I will get back to work on the giveaway winners’ pieces and making a commission post soon!

Season one was so incredibly shoujo I miss it..
(Illust was originally a messy thing from my sketch book ww)

Currently working on comic anthology and giveaway pieces!
However I’m thinking of opening commissions soon!

If there’s any type of commission anyone is most interested in please feel free to drop an ask! (Otherwise it will be mostly pixel art and a few slots for full colored CGs.)

Thank you for over 40k hits!

Anonymous sent: I really like the Bravely Default pixels you did and the Dangan Ronpa ones!!! Bless you!!!

Oh, I’m really happy to hear! Thanks so much for the kind words (T7T)/

Anonymous sent: Ur drawings make my day!! :)

I’m really glad to hear it! I’ll continue to do my best qvq”

I’ve been drawing Cardfight!! Vanguard for almost a year
and I’ve never had so much excitement and despair with a series in
a long time… I hope I can continue to draw more!

Since I had art block I tried to “evolve” my style just a little..
I hope I’m getting somewhere! Please watch over my art, everyone..!;;